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In this Reservation time period, .SUCKS is available to both Trademark holders and the general public under two streams — Trademark Priority and Priority Reservations.

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Trademark Priority reservations are first-come, first-serve and will be awarded prior to Sunrise. Trademark Holders who reserve now will secure a price of $2,500. This fee will jump to $25,000 in Sunrise. Learn more

Priority Reservations are first-come, first-serve and will be awarded prior to General Availability. Learn more

Risk Free

Reservations allow you to secure your name now with no risk. If for any reason we are prevented from giving you this domain, your money will be refunded.

Low Cost Trademarks

Trademark Reservations will be awarded at a reduced rate of $2,500. Incurring registration fees of $25,000 in Sunrise is a waiting game not worth the prize.

Reservations = Registrations

Your reservation will automatically become a registration with no further fees when the registry goes live. This is not the same as an Expression of Interest offered by Registrars, which are awarded AFTER our Priority Reservations.

Vox Populi Philosophy

Our mission is to create a new address on the web that will give voice to the consumer and create the opportunity for closer contact between companies and their customers. Through .SUCKS we hope to create a digital frontier for freedom of speech where ideas and opinions are openly shared in a constructive manner.

In 2000, longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader sent a letter to ICANN asking for a .SUCKS registry. His intention was to create a space on the internet to facilitate free speech and criticism, and enable customers, workers, and others to organize.

We at Vox Populi share this vision.

We invite you to review Section 18 of our ICANN application to gain a better understanding of how we are committed to creating a more responsible internet.

Excerpt from our application:

By building an easy-to-locate, “central town square” available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, the .SUCKS registry will become a recognized destination not just for that one company, but for all. It will give assurances to customers that their voice can be heard. And it can become an essential part of every company’s customer relationship management program. In this way, we intend for the .SUCKS top level domain to become a focal point for customer service.

» View our full application here.